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Soccer Saturday is a development session which targets two groups of young footballers:

Our sessions are specifically designed for all children playing in grassroots football teams. We prioritise improvement in technique, ball mastery and team play.

We also have a dedicated coach who works with players aged 4 to 6. The primary aim is to prepare players for competitive football.

Soccer Saturday is the start of an exciting football journey. We ask our players for termly commitment. There is a half-term payment option if required.


Highlands School

Year 1 – Year 6

April – October
10:00am – 11:00am

148 Worlds End Lane
London N21 1QQ

First Class Syllabus

redefine your training

technique and saq's

SAQ is a system of training aimed at the development of motor abilities and the control of body movement through the development of the neuromuscular system. It aims to improve the athlete’s ability to perform explosive multi-directional movements by reprogramming the neuromuscular system to work effectively.

SAQ training is an acronym for Speed Agility and Quickness training.

game understanding

One of the big changes that has happened in football is the importance of intelligence in the modern game.

The fast, tactical and dynamic nature of football today means that smart players are usually also the better ones on the pitch. But what makes a player smart?

What are those details that make all the difference in top-flight football in the present times?

positional awareness

Positional play is a principle of play in football that many of the world’s top coaches adopt. When a team uses positional play, the players take up positions to attempt to create numerical advantages in passing triangles or diamonds, in the hope of progressing possession through the thirds.

All players in the team must follow strict rules about the positions they take up in relation to the their teammates, the opposition and the ball.

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