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About Holiday Camps

We have been running football and multisports holiday camps for over 15 years. As well as having fun we aim for all our children to improve their skills and coordination and reward every child at the end of the camp during a presentation afternoon.

Our main venue is Trent Park Football Centre, N14 4UW. It is a private club with excellent facilities.

Children attending our camps, must bring appropriate clothing, football boots/astros and shin pads as well as a drink and packed lunch.

We offer a sibling discount for full course bookings.


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At our holiday camps you will:

Have Fun, make new friends, learn new skills

fun and engaging

Our camps are fun and engaging for children in several ways. First, the camp offers a supportive and safe environment for children to learn and play, which can increase their confidence and enjoyment of the sport. Additionally, the camp incorporates games and activities that make learning new skills enjoyable and entertaining.
Finally, camp provides an opportunity for children to socialise and make new friends with other children who share their interest. All of these elements combine to create a fun and engaging experience for children at our camp.

experienced coaches

One of the key features of our camps is that it is led by experienced coaches. These coaches have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of football, as well as experience working with children of all ages and skill levels.
In addition to providing expert instruction, the experienced coaches at the soccer camp also serve as positive role models for the children. They model good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for others, and they help children develop these important qualities as well.

all skill levels

Camps are designed to be suitable for children of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced players. The coaches at the camp understand that each child has unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to football, and they are able to provide individualised instruction and guidance to help each child improve their skills.
Overall, our camps are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to children of all skill levels, and the experienced coaches are able to provide the guidance and support that each child needs to succeed and have fun.

Stay active, Develop skills, Make new friends, Learn sportsmanship, Have fun


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